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       On coasts, the demographic growth is worsened by the flow growing of the tourists. Approximately 760 million holiday makers, one thus needs always more camp-sites, hotels,car parks. Today the whole of these installations occupy 4000 km2 , and it could double from here year 2000. Thus, for lack of place, the developers advance on the sea and the concrete replaces the small funds.   It corresponds to a zone from 0 to 20 meters basic, bathed by the light; it represents a true oasis for the ocean without which it would beonly one desert. In France, between Martigues and Menton, that is to say over a length of 650 km, the small funds occupy only 31400 hectares, constructions occupy 10 % of them (ports, dams, range salveolar). Today, the first big eaters of spaces are the airport of Nice, the oil complex of Fos and Monaco which covered 75 % with its small funds. This projection on the seas represents a major danger to Posidonie. Its disappearance would be then an ecological catastrophe for all fauna and the Mediterranean flora, because Posidonia océanica is in the Mediterranean what is the forest in the continent: its producing oxygen lung. On the whole, 1400 animal and vegetable species live in the herbaria. Its importance is such as France created a grouping of scientific interests intended to unify theactions carried out for its survival. Alas, the herbaria are threatened on many shores to say as much that there is much work required for its protection and so that it Re-invests the places which it had deserted. Against these promoters whose desire for building isunbounded, only the state remains the surest rampart. France, in 1976, created the Academy of the littoral. Today, it has 4 000 hectares of coasts and benefits from it to refit it with an aim of preserving the littoral and its flora.

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        Knowing that one estimates that the population should be multiplied by four from here at year 2025, it is necessary to be very vigilant towards the intentions of the property developers, for not that the consequences of the destruction of the littoral and its flora is irreversible...

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