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Philippe MANON

40 years

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83606 Port-Fréjus cedex

Such: 04 94 82 63 00
Fax: 04 94 51 48 52

My experiments of the sea:

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Centers of interests:

  • Cetacea and in particular the dolphins to which, I dedicate a great passion
  • The defense and the protection of the marine medium in general and the Mediterranean in particular
  • Trees, water and nature as a whole: my refuge, my energy...
  • Travel, New Caledonia, Marrakech, Corsica, Porquerolles...
  • Practice of the sea by cruising, fishing or by the observations of Cetacea
  • Assistance with the others, psychology, spirituality, associative medium...
  • Data processing, Internet and creations of Web sites
  • My children Natacha and Jérémy


  • To help the children autists by a contact with the dolphins
  • Program observations of Cetacea in partnership with scientists
  • The operation Delphis 2002 (July 21) 
  • To let make the destiny... I rely on my good star!!!
  • And why not you dear friend visitor? what do you have to propose to me?


  • To swim with the dolphins and to communicate with them!!!
    and, in the near future, a Web site on the subject
  • My other dreams? my secret garden...

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